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Organizational Background

IMPACT WITH HOPE (formerly known as International Services of Hope & Impact With God Crusades, Incorporated) is a community based non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable organization whose mandate is devoted to ensuring a brighter future for children.

The LightHouse (a ministry of IMPACT WITH HOPE) opened October 1, 2000 in Perrysburg, Ohio. This facility was generously donated by a local foundation to assist children and/or their families who are at risk or in a crisis situation.

IMPACT applies technical and financial assistance to help local communities identify health care issues, find solutions, and then design integrated plans that work by networking.. In 1982, IMPACT started working at the Baptist Haiti Mission, Hopital de Fermathe in Kenscoff with Dr. Jean Claude Bernard.

In 1996, IMPACT and partners were instrumental in saving the lives of Haitian children affected by acetaminophen poisoning with diethylene glycol. USAID’s field office in Haiti contacted IMPACT to address the the unknown causes of children’s deaths from kidney failure. IMPACT responded to ameliorate the damage and quickly mobilized resources to minister to the victims and their families. IMPACT’s collaborative efforts included UNICEF, PAHO, Haitian Ministry of Health, FDA, FBI, CDC, WHO, University of Michigan, C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital, Toledo Children’s Hospital, Mercy Children’s Hospital and forty-six (46) other hospitals within the United States. IMPACT also arranged air transport to the United States for children affected by the diethylene glycol and airlifted medical supplies to the University Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Out of thousands of children who were treated for taking the contaminated syrup, only five (5) children survived. The contaminated syrup was stopped from entering the United States and Europe which saved countless number of lives around the world. (See IMPACT WITH HOPE website).

In 1996, IMPACT collaborated with the government of China to coordinate the first coronary bypass surgery in Fuzhou, Fujian People’s Republic of China. In 1997, IMPACT was approved by the Government of Tajikistan to initiate the Children’s Medical Rehabilitation Program. Mayak (The LightHouse) was started and continues operating under the auspices of local individuals. Since 2001 IMPACT has transported foods, grains, and diapers.

In 1998, IMPACT coordinated the Toledo/Honduran Relief Mission in sending shipments of relief aid and medical and work teams to the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Mitch. Construction teams assisted in laying the foundations for 500 homes in New Morcovia which are still being used today. IMPACT worked in conjunction with the following agencies in Honduras: American Embassy, USAID, Catholic Relief Services, UNICEF, Rotary International and Honduras Ministry of Health. In Washington, D.C., Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, read into the 106th Congressional Record appreciation for humanitarian efforts in Honduras following Hurricane Mitch. Health care providers continue to educate and provide medical services in Honduras.

In 2004/2005, IMPACT and partners transported health care providers and supplies to the Islands of Nias and Sumatra in Indonesia to assist the communities affected by the tsunami. In response to Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, IMPACT and partners set up more than 60 collection sites in 25 towns and cities, opened clinics in Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi, and airlifted teams and supplies to the victims affected by the hurricanes. IMPACT volunteers donated their services to the relief efforts.

In 2010, IMPACT and partners responded to the earthquake in Haiti. Hundreds of volunteers donated their services to the relief efforts. More than 75 collection sites in towns and cities were set up, medical volunteers transformed clinics into hospitals where medical services and supplies were distributed.

Today, IMPACT is a recognized as a leader in disaster relief, community education and development, and as a respected advocate for children and their families who are at risk or in crisis. IMPACT stands prepared to offer hope by Reaching Out & Serving those whose lives have been shattered. For more information please visit www.